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Vietnam Bike Tours & Other Unique Trips in Asia

We've crisscrossed the region since the early 1990s (read this Escape Magazine 1994 article on our first Vietnam bike tours). Places change, for better and worse, while there are certainly new fascinating areas opening up, like northern Laos and Myanmar, there are places you should not miss no matter what, including delightful Vietnam by bike.


What to know about our bike trips? Aside from a handful of annual tours, such as our Iron Chef Bicycle Vietnam trip, we organize only private, custom-tailored bicycle and adventure tours, from unique one-off itineraries, shorter tours for those with limited time, classic routes such as Vietnam's central coast, overland to Laos, Japan's sublime Shikoku Island, to our favorite— family trips. All of our private tours are planned to the unique preferences of our travelers. Contact us to plan your trip.

Cambodia Vietnam Laos Thailand Myanmar Bhutan
Featured PRIVATE Tours

Iron Chef: Vietnam /
Yum, our popular Vietnam culinary cycling trip! With Redbird Impresario Neal Fraser
From $4,800 per person

What's Great? Eating and biking, more eating, more biking... repeat for 12 days

Anyone who has traveled to Vietnam will mention three things that stood out most: the people, the scenery, and the food. This biking trip emphasizes all of these with sightseeing from the vantage point of the saddle canvasing the highlights of the country all the way from Hanoi to Saigon. Join us for this exceptional tour in Vietnam, where it is as true as anywhere else -- riding is the best excuse to eat!

learn more tours learn more

Cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam

Highlights of Myanmar
Asia's Final Frontier, Zen cycling on the road to Mandalay
Dates: Custom Private Tours Only (mid-September to June)
Private tours From $4,880 per person

Dates by preference except July, August and early September
What's great? Asia's last frontier and most endearing people

An exceptional place at an exceptional time. Our Myanmar cycling expeditions have been running since 1999 and those that go say it's their favorite place of all. Small groups, intrepid travel, tropical rides, few tourists, enchanting ruins, warm welcoming smiles, and tranquil roads with no traffic — high adventure! Come cycling through areas closed off to travelers for over the last forty years. learn more tours learn more

Bicycling Inle Lake, Myanmar

Highlights of Vietnam Bike Tour /
Since 1993, our classic Vietnam bike tour, all highlights from Hanoi to Saigon
Private custom, 10 days and over

Dates: Choose your dates: custom tour!
Private tours from US$3,580 per person

What's great? All the must-see highlights of Vietnam and then some

Our Highlights tour encompasses just that — the "highlights" of Vietnam more, including all four wonderful UNESCO World Heritage sites. We've organized this "classic" trip for over 16 years but keep each edition fresh with new routes and activities. Explore historic Hanoi and witness the rush of modernization in Saigon, in between exploring villages where little has changed in hundreds of years.

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Bikigs friends in the Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta Bike Tour /
Cycling Side roads and riverways of the Mekong Delta
Private custom, 2 days and over, including overland to Cambodia
Dates: All year round
Cost: From US$380 per person

What's great? Easy biking along emerald green fields and villages in the Mekong

A Vietnam bike tour through the vast landscapes of Vietnam's "rice bowl," past villages, farms, and rice paddies with boating through floating markets. A family tour highlight. learn more tours learn more

Biking Vietnam's Mekong Delta

The Ho Chi Minh Trail Bike Tour / +
Off the grid on the Ho Chi Minh Highway
Private custom, 8 days and over
From US$3,580 per person

What's great? Road biking along stunning mountain roads

A Vietnam bike tour through the spectacular landscapes of karst mountain scenery, farms, and rice paddies along the Laos border. Small towns, no tourists, and comfortable hotels on the road less traveled. learn more tours learn more

Ho Chi Minh Highway Vietnam bike tour

Since 1993, we've hosted hundreds of families in the region on a variety of trips, not just bike tours. Kids of all ages will enjoy kayaking on Halong Bay, biking, hiking and boating in Ninh Binh, thrilling cyclo rides in Hanoi, delightful villages on the central coast.

We can plan a trip around children of all ages and interests, from meeting with child artists and musicians, learning to cook Vietnamese cuisine, to teaching English at a local school for a half-day. Post-trip, explore the temples of Angkor in neighboring Cambodia Indiana Jones style or visit a very special elephant sanctuary in Laos. learn more tours learn more about Vietnam family tours

Read a kid's diary from one of our bike trips tours learn more about Vietnam family tours


- Custom Private Family Tour, From 8 Days and over (with Halong Bay)
- Dates by preference except August and September

- What's great? Kid-crazy Vietnamese, resorts, and wonderful food

Boy bike touring in Hue, Vietnam

Indochina World Heritage
Angkor, Luang Prabang, Halong Bay, Hanoi and Central Coast of Vietnam
Custom Private Tour, From 8 Days and over (with Halong Bay)
Dates by preference except August and September

From US$5,880 per person

What's great? UNESCO Highlights of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
The remarkable and unique World Heritage sites in Indochina should be the focus of any trip to the region. This itinerary explores them in depth by bike, hiking and kayak.

What better way to explore the passages between temples at Angkor by bike, the stunning river valleys north of Luang Prabang, and the karst wonderland of Halong Bay by the vantage point of a kayak?

We'll also canvas Vietnam's central coast, Hue and Hoi An, by bicycle, where the country's best cycling is while enjoying the fabulous cuisine in each destination. learn more tours learn more

Off road cycling in Angkor

Hanoi to Luang Prabang, Laos
Vietnam and Laos Bicycle Tour
New border opening! Overland from Hanoi through sublime Northern Laos
Dates: Private tours, Dates by preference except July, August and September
From $5,980 per person

What's great? Off-the grid over the "Laotian Alps" to sublime Luang Prabang

When the Nam Meo border recently opened we couldn't wait to ride the overland route over the "Laotian Alps." And what a ride it was! The route passes over empty roads recently improved through two of Laos' most remarkable national parks. learn more tours learn more

Laos Bicycle Touring

  = All Abilities = Intermediate to Advanced Cycling = Rigorous Cycling/Adventure  
Vietnam—On everyone's must-visit list, as well it should be. Vietnam's stunning landscapes offer the backdrop for exceptional adventure and an amazing culture that is historically familiar, yet far different than any other. As travelers ourselves, Vietnam remains our favorite places in the world to explore, both on and off the bike. Come take advantage of our many years traversing this incredible country and region before it changes forever. With the exception of the few tours listed here, almost all of our biking trips are private ones, custom tailored to the interests of families (our favorite guests), groups of friends, and other small groups. Contact us about organizing your private trip for an exceptional time in Vietnam. And if you've traveled with B&R or other companies before, you can expect similar high-quality, but a more comprehensive trip at of course a much better value.

Highlights of Vietnam /
Since 1993, our classic Vietnam bike tour from Hanoi to Saigon
Scheduled group tours and private custom, 10 days and over

Dates: Any, our most popular custom tour)
From US$4,580 per person

What's great? The highlights of Vietnam and then some

Our Highlights tour encompasses just that — the "highlights" of Vietnam more, including all four UNESCO World Heritage sites. We've organized this classic trip for over 16 years. Explore 1,000 year-old Hanoi and witness the rush of modernization in Saigon, in between exploring villages where little has changed in the last thousand years. learn more tours learn more

Biking in Hoi An, Vietnam

Tet: Lunar New Year
A special Year of the Dragon, 26th Edition of our most exceptional trip

Date: Every lunar year (January or February)
From US$5,580 per person
What's great? Vietnam during the festival period, cultural activities

Since 1994 we have refined this comprehensive portrait of Vietnam, highlighting the vigorous culture and history of a nation rife with contrasts during the unique cultural festivities of Tet — the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, which will add a unique, celebratory backdrop to our trip. This special holiday period is an eagerly anticipated week-long celebration much like the Fourth of July, Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one. learn more tours learn more

Tet Lunar New Year in Ho Chi Minh City

Mai Chau, Cuc Phuong & Tom Coc: The Splendors of North Vietnam
Custom Private Tour 2-5 Days

Dates by preference except early September monsoon season

From $1,280 per person

Vietnam's spectacular northern scenery, including national parks, hilltribes, wildlife and quiet roads are emphasized in this short trip from Hanoi. Teh karst scenery, emerald rice fields,a and forested national parks are Vietnam's finest. This biking tour combines well with our Halong Bay kayaking with quality time in between in Hanoi. learn more tours learn more

Mai Chau Vietnam Bicycle Touring

Vietnam World Heritage /
Halong Bay, Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An
Custom Private Tour, 8 Days or by preference
Dates by preference except late July, August and September

From $2,880

What's great? Highlights of Vietnam in short trip

Visit all four of Vietnam's UNESCO astonishing World Heritage sites, including 1,000 year-old Hanoi, kayak the karst wonderland of Halong Bay, and pedal Vietnam's picturesque central coast towns, Hue and Hoi An, bicycling some of the country's most scenic rural and coastal cycling routes. Add Angkor by a short flight from Vietnam or see all of Indochina's World Heritage Sites. learn more tours learn more

Touring Hue, Vietnam by bicycle

Ho Chi Minh Trail
5th Edition off-the-grid in the Central Highlands with Pro rider Tony Cruz

Dates: March 19 to 31, 2015 or Customize a Private Trip for your dates

From $3,980

What's Great? For high-mileage riders, remote beautiful mountain valleys

Join Discovery team rider and US Pro champ Tony Cruz for the 3rd edition variation of our HCM Trail Tour pedaling through the scenic country roads along Vietnam's northern river valleys along the "Ho Chi Minh" trail (now thankfully the paved Ho Chi Minh Highway), then heading south along the picturesque coast and into the central highlands in and around beautiful Dalat for — as many of our past traveler's have said — the experience of a lifetime. learn more tours learn more

The Mekong Delta to Angkor /
Cross-border through the Mekong Delta to Phnom Penh and Angkor, Cambodia
Custom private tours from $560

What's great? Leisurely biking, flat, sunshine, overland Vietnam into Cambodia
What's not? Misses all four of Vietnam's worthwhile World Heritage sites

With the delta on Saigon's doorstep you would think the place would be overrun with tourists. Not so. This sprawling "rice bowl" is little traveled, yet offers a wealth of sights and experiences for those who care to explore and is one of the region's last great overland adventures into neighboring Cambodia.

learn more tours learn more

Mekong Delta Vietnam Bicycling Touring

Halong Bay Vietnam Kayaking
UNESCO World Heritage and geographic highlight, by kayak

Dates: Only as tour extension 2 or 3 days

From $480 per person

What's great?: Private boat, sublime setting, family highlight

Note: Arranged only in conjunction with our other trips

Halong Bay was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. The thousands of limestone peaks create a natural barrier to the wind-blown waters of the South China Sea and a a karst wonderland that was a favorite hiding place for pirates (and the James Bond villain in Man with the Golden Gun). These calm waters are wonderfully suited for kayaking and the limestone formations are a fantasy land of exploration. learn more tours learn more


Sapa: The Tonkinese Alps /
Hilltribes, high mountain riding and trekking from Hanoi to Mai Chau

Dates: Custom Tour from 5 to 7 days

From US$2,280 per person

What's Great: The Tonkinese Alps, great scenery and historic Dien Bien Phu

What's Not: High season from December through March can be chilly

Sapa is an incredibly picturesque, tranquil village that lies a mile high on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range in Northwest Vietnam along the Chinese border. Although the Sapa means "sand village" in Chinese, Sapa is located within Vietnam and is home to a wealth of colorful, diverse hill tribes, who have steadfastly resisted integration into Vietnamese society and modern life. learn more tours learn more

Sapa Vietnam Cycling Tour

Family Tours
Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Japan, and Myanmar, are all wonderful destinations for children of all ages

Southeast Asia is one of the safest and certainly the most interesting regions in the world — and the perfect place for a family outdoor vacation. On our Vietnam Family Tours, experience rich cultural immersion, unique landscapes, a culture far different from the familiar, combined with welcoming, "kid-crazy" locals to create a travel experience that you and your family will never forget. Also consider our two other popular family destinations — Thailand and Myanmar, the former a well-plied tourist destination with unparalleled beach resorts, unique elephant camps, and deep jungle parks, the latter has just opened up from a forty-year slumber. learn more tours learn more

Vietnam Family Bike Touring

Vietnam Culinary Tour
From Hanoi to Saigon, a foodie's ultimate food tour of Vietnam.

One of our favorite online sites, Atlas Obscura, now organizes culinary trips of Vietnam under their "Gastro Obscura" tours. From the world's best street food, markets, farms, and finer places, their Vietnam trip is the most interesting one we've seen and canvases the highlights of the country, including the scenic northwest hilltribes area we love biking around. "On this nine-day journey, we’ll explore the country through its unique cuisine, tasting our way across north, central, and south Vietnam by way of steaming pork belly meatballs in Hanoi’s Old Quarter and the white rose dumplings of Hoi An. Along the way, we’ll learn from local chefs, sample street eats, and savor freshly caught seafood." Learn more about Atlas Obscura's trip: Vietnam: A Culinary Adventure from Hanoi to Saigon tours learn more

Vietnamese spring rolls

Custom Tours*
Almost all of our tours are private custom ones

Difficult to fit one of our tours into your schedule? Looking for a family or private group get away? Then schedule your own — almost 90% of our tours and over hundreds since 1993, are actually custom-tailored, private adventures for families, couples, and groups of friends. Whether you're US Pro Champion Tony Cruz looking to put on a thousand miles of off-season riding in Vietnam, a family escaping for a few days with the kids to the Mekong Delta, or a group of friends interested in the sublime landscapes of Myanmar, we've got you covered. learn more tours learn more

Mekong Delta, Vietnam Bicycle Tour

Luxury Vietnam Tours
Less adventurous custom tours rich in cultural immersion

Experience the very best of Vietnam.What to know? Toss the guidebook... no museums nor pagodas are worth your time, rather, Vietnam's prize is it its people—famously gregarious, warm and endearing. Vietnam is a country of stunning contrasts, from the busy ancient capital, Hanoi, that recently celebrated it's millennium founding, the vast emerald rice fields that seemingly cover most of the land, to the hundreds of striking karts towers on Halong Bay that prove Vietnam features some of Asia's most striking landscapes. As you've heard, the cuisine is magnificent, from street to elegant dining in French villas. learn more tours learn more

Luxury cruise on Halong Bay, Vietnam

= All Abilities = Intermediate to Advanced Cycling = Rigorous Cycling/Adventure


Don't see dates for your time of travel? Almost all of our tours actually are private, custom-tailored ones for couples, families, friends and other private groups. Private trips allow for maximum flexibility at similar cost of our regular tours.
** Depending on number of participants, this cost is based on 12 persons.

Ready to plan your own amazing bike tour to Vietnam, Laos, Yunnan, or Myanmar? Call us in San Francisco at or in Saigon at (84-8) 3837-6766  
Luang Prabang & Other Laos Tours
Sublime Laos, tranquil touring on the road less traveled
2-9 days
Grand Temples of Angkor, Cambodia
The "Nile Valley" of Asia, a short hop away from Saigon or Bangkok
Tour Extension Only, 2-3 days
Cycling & Non-cycling
Cambodia: Angkor by bike
Off road trails to hidden areas and temples
Tour Extension Only, 2-3 days
Hanoi to Vientiane, Laos
Cross-border adventure from Hanoi across sublime Northern Laos
10-12 days overland
from $3,490
Vientiane to Hanoi, Vietnam
Leisurely pace from the capital across beautiful mountains to Hanoi
10-12 days overland
from $3,310
 MYANMAR (Burma)  

Myanmar: The Burma Road
Asia's Final Frontier, Zen cycling on the road to Mandalay

9-14 days

Myanmar: Shan State Mountain Biking -
Off road in sublime Inle Lake

Private, Custom Trip (See Details)

Myanmar: Iron Chef Culinary Tour
Secrets of mohingha revealed on the road less traveled

(See Details)

Myanmar: Fire Balloon Lighting Festival
The country's most popular festival and most spectacular

November (See Details)
Myanmar: Private Tour / Custom Tours 8+ Days
 Bhutan, France & Other Destinations  
Some unique adventures we have previously organized in the region, seasonally, one-of-a-kind, or periodically. These trips may be organized only as private tours. Please contact us for more information. New! View our new cycling trips to places you should not miss, such as Baja California, with our VeloPura bicycle trips.
France: Culinary Biking in Burgundy & Val de Loire
Grand Crus and Grand Chateaux  learn more tours learn more
from $4,880
Bhutan: Himalayan Shangri La
Himalayan vistas in Asia's hidden Kingdom
from $4,880
Turkey: The Turquoise Coast
Roman splendor and the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean
Japan: Path of a Thousand Temples
Shikoku Island paradise, Kyoto and more
from $6,870
Sumatra: The Last Frontier
Jungles, ex-cannibals, volcanoes, and Orangutans
from $3,480
Albanian Alps
Annual fund raising trip with Dr. Steve Cook
The Basque Country
Tapas delight and splendid country cycling
Cycle to the Sun: Biking Haleakala's 10,000 foor summit
Grand Crus and Grand Chateaux  learn more tours learn more