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       Map of Cambodia

If you've come this far, you will not want to miss The Prize of Southeast Asia: The Grand Temples of Angkor, which lie a mere one hour's flight from Saigon in neighboring Cambodia.

Angkor what? Many people have heard of the main temple Angkor Wat, but what they don't realize that Angkor consists of over 70 discovered ruins spread over 200 square kilometers. Angkor Wat itself is a half mile-wide — the greatest Buddhist monument ever constructed, but there are many astounding structures of equal impact in the surrounding area. This density of ruins is unparalleled anywhere else in the world, with the exception of the Nile Valley.

Siem Reap, our launching off point is only a short flight from Saigon and a couple of miles from Angkor itself. Lodging options include the magnificent 5-star Grand Hotel d'Angkor, a beautifully restored French Colonial gem, or the tasteful favorite, Angkor Village.


Where's the cycling? Not recommended. Traipsing up and down the temples all day will be workout enough. We're big cyclists, but prefer to enjoy our riding — the around the temples roads are long and straight, hot, flat and dusty. That and the steady, unpleasant dust kicked up by the traffic of tour buses, we feel it's best to drive the complex and allows one to cover a lot more ground - and there is a lot to cover. Besides, we guarantee you'll welcome the rest if you're coming off our one of our Vietnam, Thailand or Myanmar tours.


This tour may be customized by length and accommodation, including a side trip to Phnom Penh. Consider combining a three-day trip to Angkor with our Mekong Delta cycling trip and our Halong Bay kayak trip — three highlights of the region.