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Invigorate and Thrill on a tour of Vietnam with VeloAsia

History has rebranded Vietnam not as a war, but as one of the most thrilling travel destinations in the world. VeloAsia poineered trips starting in 1993 to this "new destination." Our Vietnam bicycle tours enhance this experience further though it is a challenging task and this travel agency is the first to organize for it. It has first introduced bicycle touring across Vietnam.

VeloAsia has the most experienced cycling tour guides and equipment, and our extensive in-country knowledge and experience has provided delightful tours for thousands of our travelers.

Special Attractions

As well as classic trips, our tours offer new and adventurous places.

  • Our Vietnam bicycle tours offered soem of the most thrillings bicycle trips in the world. Now, across the region we organize escapes to sublime places that are sure to inspire and amaze. In Bagan, marvel as you pedal past hundreds of red brick ruins, on Inle Lake, bicycle and boat in the Myanmar's most splendid countryside, and Laos, cycling tranquil mountain valleys among some of Asia's most stunning landscapes.
  • On Halong Bay, kayak into hidden caves and empty white sand ebach coves.
  • Bike tours in the Vietnam countryside will take your breath away with mountain biking into remote Hmong villages located on the high mountain ranges, to the Chinese border of North Vietnam, to leisurely cycling for families along the Mekong Delta canals.

VeloAsia methodically organizes every one of our private tours, providing the perfect hotels, dining, activities for children and adults.