Cycling in Mai Chau, Vietnam

 Vietnam Summer Tour


12 Days/12 Nights
Road Cycling w/ Full Support
All Cycling Abilities
95% Fair Paved Roads
Airline: Approx $980 LAX
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Vietnam Cycling Slideshow

   Arrive Hanoi
1 Hanoi City Tour
Halong Bay Kayak
3 Halong Bay Kayak
4 Halong Bay Kayak
5 Hanoi to Hue
6 Hue to Hoi An
7 Hoi An
8 Hoi An to Saigon
9 Mekong Delta
10 Mekong Delta
11 Mekong Delta
12 Saigon City Tour

Temples of Angkor (3 days)

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Join us for our unique Summer tour blending the far north, including our highly-popular Halong Bay kayaking trip, the romantic central coast, and south into the vibrant Mekong Delta. The weather is warmer, but there are fewer tourists and it's just a wonderful time to travel in Vietnam. On tour, witness the rush of modernization in Saigon and life in agrarian villages where little has changed in the last thousand years. Discover ancient wonder in Cham temple ruins, Buddhist pagodas and ancestor worship at the center of Vietnam's spiritual element.

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We'll encounter the legacy of French rule in the elegant colonial architecture and hotels, study the ancient Chinese influence on customs and food as well as the profound effect of the American period on Vietnamese culture, for better or worse. Ancient traditions, foreign influences and dynamic society make Vietnam a fascinating destination.

Along the way we will observe the distinct personalities of Vietnam's provinces, spending quality time in the fertile Central Highlands,pristine coastal regions and the pastoral countryside where vast stretches of rice paddies meet a jungle foliage that is a hundred shades of green. In addition to stunning landscapes, bicycling will provide access to Vietnam's greatest treasure — its people. Their warm greetings and smiles come naturally and their optimism and enduring spirit are inspiring. The Vietnamese are happy to have visitors again, especially Americans, who are now a novelty, yet historically familiar.

Our route travels the length of Vietnam, from the stoic, socialistic capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, through the unique provinces on the way south to capitalist Saigon. The graceful, tree-lined boulevards of Hanoi recall the days when it was the French capital of Indochine, yet it is where a statue of Lenin makes its last stand. Freshly cooked meals and restful nights in Vietnam's finest hotels will restore tired legs. Swimming, snorkeling, and exploration by foot round out our itinerary. The experience of a lifetime? Many of our past travelers have said so.

Note: You must be a capable cyclist - not in fitness, but bike handling - to do this trip. The roads of Vietnam have few rules, lots if distractions and you must be comfortable cycling in such an environment. Please do contact us for references if you'd like to contact some of the many people who have ridden this tour for more information.

Note: If you've come this far, we encourage you not to miss the prize of Southeast Asia: the grand Khmer temples at Angkor in neighboring Cambodia. There is now a convenient, direct one-hour flight from Saigon. Click here for more information on our Angkor trip.