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Cycling the Mighty Mekong Delta

Special Notes
This is a private, custom bicycling tour of the highest quality. You may appreciate the flexibility of having a private tour, almost every detail of your trip can be changed, even the day of. Your guide is an experienced professional cycling guide, knowledgeable of the routes, and able to ride any distance with you. Your tour will be overseen by a tour manager who is always a phone call away 24 x 7. Our bikes are imported of the best quality, typical Trek hybrids although we also have mountain bikes if you prefer. Transport is in spacious, newer model vans. Emergency International SOS medical and evacuation insurance is included.

Victoria Can Tho

After a long day sightseeing, on and off the bike, the French resort Victoria Can Tho will provide a stylish colonial setting and tranquility and restful night's sleep. Since we are touring around Can Tho, you may also return for a midday break to enjoy the pool, great for children. See Victoria Hotels Web Site.


Warm, tropical climate. This tour can be done year-round. Cycling in the cooler mornings and afternoons along the Mekong with lunch spent under shaded tree canopy. Optional midday break at the pool side or, of course, boating on the cooler river.


Reading and Viewing
Mud Bath
Ooh la la.... The Lover

The classic, languid tale set in the Mekong Delta — Marguerite Duras' The Lover, written in 1992. Also on DVD (right). New York Times article on her book, Saigon and the Mekong Delta area where the book was set. See our other reading recommendations for Vietnam.


Continued Travel
Rather than backtrack to Saigon, you may continue on across the border into Cambodia. We offer a four-hour, scenic boat ride up the Mekong River arriving in placid Phnom Penh. From there, the grand temples of Angkor are only an hour away by plane. Or join us for kayaking on picturesque Halong Bay in the north of Vietnam. See our detailed itinerary for options.


Discount for children and groups of 3 or more. Your tour fees cover almost everything, including equipment, all private transport, accommodation, bicycles and equipment, meals, bottled water, and emergency evacuation insurance, but please do confirm what is and what is not specifically included for your trip. New model Raleigh or Trek hybrid bicycle rental is included.


We modify our itineraries to keep every tour unique and spontaneous. This is a custom tour, all cycling and activities are at your desire, there is always a support vehicle and guide with you at all times. We pay special attention to ferreting out new routes and paths to new and unique sights. If you've also special interests, such as cuisine, photography, cottage industries or the like, please let us know and we'll plan these into your trip. Guides:

US Pro Champion Tony Cruz and Le Van Sinh

Is the guide a cyclist? You wouldn't think to ask a bicycle tour company this, but you should in Vietnam, where guides are paid from $10 to $100 a day, which of course can greatly affect the quality and safety of your trip. VeloAsia employs the best cycling guides in Vietnam, who have planned and organized more high-end tours than any other company.


Senior guide Le Van Sinh was born and raised in Saigon and famous for founding Vietnam's first tourist cafe that bears his name. He has traveled extensively throughout Vietnam for over a decade and is coauthor of Lonely Planet's Vietnam Guide and country atlases. Viet Nguyen has lead bicycle tours for over ten years specializing in Veteran's trips in the south and central highlands up to Anh Khe and other regions along the former DMZ. All of our guides are professionals with at least five years leading cycling trips through the Mekong Delta and trained by foreign staff.