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Hanoi Tour Manager Quyet Trinh spins around Hanoi with his fiancée wife Ngoc (Jade)
Le Van Sinh
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
A former engineer, Sinh virtually founded the contemporary tourist industry in Vietnam, opening the seminal and now famously-duplicated Sinh Cafe in 1991. After discovering cycling, he became restless for the road and has been researching and leading tours ever since. Sinh's knowledge of the highways and byways of Vietnam is unequaled and he loves to share it. Indeed, in his native country (and many of our travelers agree) Sinh is known as the "best of the best." Lonely Planet also thinks so and Sinh freelances on their Vietnam and Vietnam Atlas guides. How often do you get to say my guide wrote the book? Email Sinh at

Patrick Morris
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Turkey, Sumatra, Thailand
Sixteen years ago, Patrick organized and lead the first cycling tours of Vietnam while falling for the country in a big way (as he know you will). After over 15,000 miles of cycling in Vietnam and working on country projects with USAID and the USTDA, there are few that know Vietnam better. Call him in our San Francisco office to learn why few know or love Vietnam more. Insider tip: Toss the guidebook — the limitless optimism, warmness, and incessant humor of the Vietnamese people are addictive and the real highlight of the country (the food and the cycling's not so bad either). Questions about our trips? Email Patrick at

Willard Ford
VeloAsia co-founder, Willard has raced and lead tours throughout the world. He also managed the L'equipe Cheval racing team, wiining a US Pro Championships in 1999 with former U.S. Postal rider Tony Cruz. He also teaches martial arts, which along with cycling, highlights his visits to Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Favorite ride? "Phan Rang to Dalat: from the ocean, through searing cactus desert into the cool, lush canopy of the Central Highlands with two fantastic climbs ending with a descent into the alpine setting of Dalat Valley and a hot bath."


Chitthavone ("Chit Chit") Philavanh

Our Laos operation is a family one, with Chit and his son Bay, along with cousins and other relatives driving support and filling in the gaps. Nobody has more experience, Chit Chit has been leading cycling tours for over ten years and heading some of our most adventurous and complicated adventures in Laos.

Chit likes to give a lecture each night on different experiences of his life, such as dry rice farming as a boy (something you'll see daily along the route and marvel how grueling the work is) as well as cultural and historical facets of Laos. Laos favorite? My home town, Luang Prabang. I have traveled to all the other countries in the region, many times, but no place is as special as the place where I live.

Todd Hanson
A Renaissance man: skilled carpenter, world traveler, scholar, accomplished athlete. Todd has lead our tours along the Turkish Mediterranean, Myanmar and Vietnam. A Berkeley graduate in literature, Todd provides contemporary and historical aspects in literature to our destinations (and a helpful push up the hill when needed).

For several years, Todd lead our Turkey and Vietnam tours, but now specializes in his favorite destination, Myanmar. Todd's favorite? The Burmese. Gentle, kind, always welcoming, they are as how you wish everyone would be.

John Brady

John Brady

Irish National Champion and former rider for the 7-11 pro team, John has lived in Thailand. John has lead several editions of our Vietnam Tet, Iron Chef and Highlights tours, as well as higher-mileage private trips. he has also lead Thailand and Myanmar biking tours, and off-bike adventures in Cambodia.

John's favorite? The hustle and bustle of the region's growing cities like Phnom Penh and Saigon, where everything's seems new and very, very old at the same time, especially in the restaurants and cafes where style and new plays on traditional cuisine are always pushed to the limit.