Cycling in Mai Chau, Vietnam

Halong Bay: Photos


Onboard a Junk

During the trip we dine and overnight on a clean, comfortable replica of a traditional junk ship with our chef serving up delicious local seafood.

Hang Dau Go

Hike into the largest grotto in Halong — a cave opening several hundreds yards into a peak which also affords a great view of the area.

Cove for Two

Relaxing in one of many isolated beach coves in Halong after a swim in the warm, clear water.

A Halong "village"

Strapped together, these fisherman's boats make up a village housing the entire family and pets who seldom touch solid ground.

Spectacular Views

And the best possible view is from water level. The kayaks also enable you to easily pull up onto any beach cove.

Halong Rower

With a deceptively easy motion, a young woman glides across the waters of Halong. There are many Vietnamese making their living on Halong and you will enjoy meeting them.
Calm Waters

Sheltered from the South China Sea by hundreds of limestone peaks such as these, with caves, and hidden lakes to explore.
Lavish Dining

The spacious and comfortable dining room on the Hoang Hai is perfect for midday lunch and delicious seafood dinners. (Huong Hai Boat).


Easy cruising that is. The waters are typically very calm and warm. A paddler's paradise, long or short journeys.

In Tandem

Tours are led by an experienced instructor and guide who wil train (or even ride) with you.
Mellow Pace

There's always plenty of time to do your own thing, such as relax and soak up the sun.

Easy Parking

There are hundreds of deserted beach coves to pull up onto and lay on the sand or take in a swim.

Pagoda Beach

Optional stop for a short hike up the limestone peak above Pagoda Beach for a dramatic view of the area.
Quality Kayaks

Not plastic or inflatible toys, but quality sea kayaks imported from Seaward in Canada. Stable and great for the beginner to advanced kayaker. We have tandem and single models. You may also ride tandem with our guide.
Men in Skirts?

We provide all the equipment you will need. For other items to bring, please see our packing list.