Tet 2000 Tour
Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

Into the hinterland: the journey from Hoi An to Nha Trang over the next three days covers ground where few tourists venture and the bicycling is spectacular.

We would have to "rough it" relative to the rest of trip where we had a wide choice of hotels and restaurants, but the reward was a firsthand glimpse into everyday life in the villages along the way from the seat of our bikes. Plus, our overnight in Qui Nhon offered unparalled views of the South China Sea, its waves pounding the sand and gently rocking our hotel through the night.

This leg also offered some of Vietnam's most beautiful coastline where palm villages lie just across from white sands and blue waters. Cycling over gentle rollers was not too difficult and the group arrived tired, but content.




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"Ba" at Tet

At a small but bustling Tet market outside of Hoi An, a meat vendor gives me and my cycling getup a long looking over.

New Pals

80-year old Roy meets up with a far younger crowd enjoying their Tet holiday. Unlike three of our Vets, Roy finished the tour unscathed and went on for another two weeks of exploring Angkor Wat and the north of Vietnam.

Lone Crane

A crane on the hunt for insects in the wet rice paddies that stretch along the coast from Hoi An to Nha Trang.

Crazy Bike

The srivers had dubbed Raphiel and Karen as "man (or woman) with crazy bike." Throughout our route, Vietnamese stopped whatever they were doing to watch the crazy bikes go by.

Rising Sun

Only Dan's jersey outshines the birghtly colored rice fields along the road to Qui Nhon.


During a repair of our bus, ace driver, Dung reacts badly to a Chips Ahoy cookie -- the first he's ever had. Don't even think of offering a taste of that Power Bar.

All photographs by Patrick Morris 2000.

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