Tet Tour 2000
Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

Nha Trang
After three straight days of riding in the saddle, highlighted by Piyush's 90-mile epic bike ride to Dai Linh Beach on the way to Nha Trang, our group was admittedley drained and ready for some serious lazing by the pool. However, not before eating!

The weather was warm in Vietnam's "Waikiki" and from our beachfront hotel we could see the Tet Carnival up the shoreline. On the prominade, hundreds of locals cruised on bicycles and scooters as the Tet holiday rolled on.

Some headed out to the pool and others the beach. I ran into an older lady who said she had an American boyfriend during the war -- which her great English acknowledged. She was amused at having just met an old "flyboy" who was bicycling from Hue to Saigon. She described it like seeing an old friend and I knew she had run into John.


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Beachy Keen

A family, dressed for Tet, dips their feet ito the cool waters on Nha Trang Beach -- one of the few places in Vietnam devloped as a beach resort.

Sidecar Slumber

On the wayback from the Banana Split Cafe, Tony grabs a quick nap at the police station. By this point, Tony had done more bicycling than he ever had but in his words was "feeling great!"

Nha Trang Coast

From our beachfront hotel you can see all of Nha Trang. The blue tent up the way is part of a children's carnival set up for Tet.

Slip Sliding

Tre coming down the hotel pool's water slide at maximum speed. This was fun, but he was really amazed at how much water Tony could put into the air when he came down -- quite a lot more than Raphiel.

Cyclo Slumber

The cyclo drivers in Nha Ttrang are the most laid back in Saigon, although this one has taken it to an extreme.

Curious Linh

Like most Vietnamese we pass, this young boy trys to figure why we are biking across Vietnam when we already have two buses.

All photographs by VeloAsia

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