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China: Itinerary


Day 0: Arrive Chengdu

Arrive Chengdu, political capital, cultural and economic center of China's mountainous Sichuan province. After clearing immigration and customs, meet guide and transfer to city-center hotel. Afternoon free to relax and freshen up. Orientation and introductions over dinner at one of Chengdu's more popular restaurants featuring delicious traditional dishes of the region, including hotpot — the perfect post-flight rehydration meal.

Evening free to explore the downtown area, including famous tea houses and traditional wooden architecture.

Sichuan Pagoda

Day 1: Chengdu, 12 miles

Traditional Rock Massage

Chengdu with a history of 2,500 years the most important historical and cultural city in southwest China with a population of 9.6 million. Chengdu's past is now giving way to the future at an astounding pace.

We'll explore the ancient Wenshu Monastery, the River Viewing Pagoda, and a fien example of a traditional wooden tea house. Evening Sichuan Opera and the city's cosmopolitan nightlife.

Day 2: Wolong

After breakfast, shuttle outside Chengdu for our first day of cycling — a leisurely, flat spin in the green countryside visiting Mount Qingcheng and the 2,200 year-old Dujiangyan Irrigation System — UNESCO World Heritage Site. After lunch, visit to the world-renowned Wolong Panda Nature Reserve, one of the last protected homes of both the giant and lesser panda located high in the mountains. The area around Wolong is a lush, temperate forest full of other rare mammals, birds, insects and plants found nowhere else in China or the world. Late afternoon return to Chengdu fro dinner.

Day 3: Rilongguan
Take transport part way and/or cycle to the Balangshan Pass (4,523 meters, 14,850 feet) past Yaks and Tibetan herders. At the top of the pass we will then coast down into a gorgeous valley to Rilongguan, at the base of Four Girls Mountain and spend the balance of the day in the area hiking and cycling around this scenic area.
Day 4: Rilongguan

Trekking or off-road cycling in this beautiful mountain area. In the afternoon we will visit a local village for a home visit and to observe crafts making.

Day 5: Xiaojin Xian
Xiaojin Church
Located on the Dadu River, a major tributary to the Yangtze. Along the way we will visit a lamasery and a Tibetan Buddhist Temple. Explore Wori Feudal Lord Tower, the Twin Bridge Gorge, and a nexus of religious monuments: a Catholic Church and Islamic and Buddhist Temples.
Day 6: Danba

This morning browse Danba,an over-1700-year-old Tibetan town.Stop at some Tibetan villages and enjoy our village tour in Beauty Valley. Observe the daily life of Tibetan minority.See groups of Tibetan Towers(Known as 'Oriental Pyramids'.According to Tibetan folkways,there will be a new tower built if a son is born in a family) and photograph unfogettable view of this mountain area. Visit 500-year old Lamasery, Tibetan Temple and Tibetan Defensive Towers

Danba Chili Vendors
Day 7: Luding
Tibetan Woman

Continue along the Dadu River, in a scenic gorge, shuttling part way. Optional additional cycling after lunch.

Day 8: Moxi

A historic place where Chairman Mao crossed the river with his Red Army on his Long March. After breakfast, visit the Long March Museum.

Mao's Long March
Day 9: Moxi
Hailuogou Glacier China

Visit the Hailuogou Glacier Park, the largest glacier park in China in the shadow of the 7,500 meter Gongga mountains, also the largest in the Sichuan province. Pause for a short glacier hike and a welcome dip in the rejuvenating hot springs.

Day 10: Xiling Mountain

Visit to local temples, trekking or optional cycling through Kanding, famous for "Pao Ma Shan" (Horse Race  Hill), the  Kanding Love Song (being played in the background), and as the gateway to Tibet (right).

Kanding View
Day 11: Anren

Yao Chief

Following breakfast, shuttle part way of our route followed by cycling to Anren to explore Li Landlord Manor, a traditional feudal manor that was used as a re-education center after the revolution to illustrate the evils of the landlord-serf system. It features an intersting collection of dozens of life-size clay figures graphically displaying workers being abused by their landlords.

Day 12, Chengdu

Monring cycling back to Chengdu, stopping to visit Hunaglongxi village, the set of many Chinese classical period movies (right). After lunch, continued cycling through the countryside towards Chengdu. Late afternoon transfer by van into Chengdu and city center hotel. Evening farewell dinner and exploration of Chengdu's hopping nightlife.


Depart Chengdu (or stay longer)
Chengdu Pedicab
Post-tour travel within China or to other nearby destinations.
Mileage: Daily riding distances range from 21 to 61 miles, although we operate our tours to accommodate any distance you want to ride, including longer distances each day of the tour.
CUSTOM TOURS: This tour can be arranged and customized for a private trip for four or more people. Contact us for more information.