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Angkor: Photos
Angkor Wat

The most dramatic temple in terms of scale, Angkor takes up to a full day and more to explore it's many structures and entire galleries of reliefs.

Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom, a large city within Angkor holds an immense trove of stone treaures, most notibly the Bayon and Terrace of the Elephant King.

Banteay Srei

One of the oldest temples created in rich, red sandstone. The carvings here, over 1000 years-old, are as vivid as they day they were carved.

Ta Phrom

Left to the jungle, Ta Phrom over the centuries has been overrun by plant life. The contrast has created an incredible setting of stone and plant.


In Angkor Thom lies the Bayon. From the distance has a myriad of large, stone towers that are on closer inspection the faces of Buddha. Yes, that is a person in the lower right.

Other Sights

Many Khmer live near and around the temples and make a living from visitors. Here Roy F. drums it up with a young friend outside of Ta Phrom.

Preah Khan

The library at the Preah Khan ('sacred sword'), one sructure in a large royal city surrounded by jungle.

Bas Relief

Amazing detail and high relief in Angkor's West Gellery recalls a great battle legend. Angkor contains about 12,900 square feet of such sandstone carvings...

Monk Queue

Thousands of monks from all over Cambodia attend New Year's ceremony at Angkor Wat.

Royal Bath

Srah Srang, or Royal Bath, is actually a serene half-mile lake with pleasant views from the main platform.

To Heaven

A monk climbs one of the lesser, but still impressively large temple monuments.

The Elephant King

A detailed, carved relief of the Elephant King at Banteay Srei, only recently opened to visitors.

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