Richard Dare

Richard Dare, an unassuming dentist from El Sobrante, travels in ways that would make your skin crawl. Hiking leech-infested streams in Borneo? Good fun for Richard. Overnighting on the jungle floor in the Amazon. Great. An avid entomologist, Richard also enjoys and excels at photography. Here are some of his images taken on VeloAsia tours.


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Richard Dare Photos

Family Car: Saigon

A crippled father "pedals" his family through Saigon with his arms. It is possible he was disabled during the war and this tricycle provides locomotion by pushing and pulling the steering column.

Buzzed on betel

Betel nut is chewed everywhere in Asia, but it seems the Sumatran have stronger addiction to eat. It produces a mild high as well as a boost in energy. This woman was having a laugh at the market.

Dip in Maningjau

Escaping the heat of the midday tropical weather these young children play in Lake Maningjau near Padang, Sumatra. The lake was formed in a volcanic depression lying at the bottom of a 44-switchback descent.

Muslim Girls

A odd site against the backdrop of the lush jungles of Sumtra were the bundled Muslim schoolkids. Unlike Vietnam, it was difficult to photograph children.

Lake Maningjau

Another view of Lake Maningjau. The gap in the distant hills is where the lake's waters flow out towards the Indian Ocean.


Local Cahn Sat (Police) double up on the commute to work. Sharing a bike is very popular in Vietnam, with the rear seat being preferred.

Photographs ęcopyright Richard Dare.

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