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Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

It was an amazing day. We rode our steeds through the drizzle out to explore two of the Nguyen Dynasty Royal Tombs. Although rain is never really pleasant to ride in, the mist in the hills and valleys of Hue's countryside was so beautiful it seemed sunny weather could never better it.

That night, Tony met a former Viet Cong soldier and they talked into the night over beers about the different operations they had been on. Tony found the man very knowledgeable and dignified.

Hue was also where I got to know and admire Tony. He is one of those real men you meet from time to time.

We crossed our fingers that the rain would clear up and lo and behold the next morning the clouds peeked through and we set off for Hoi An, a full day's ride to the south and over the six-mile uphill of he Hai Van Pass.

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A Green Tomb

Here we are after biking to to the most scenic of imperial tombs - Tu Duc's. The sprawling tomb has a twisting pond, hills and lovely wood buildings that are well-preserved.

Wife Control

Piyush attempts to get Deepa to stay and explore more of the Khai Dinh Royal Tomb. Actually, he was just shy about modeling his tight spandex shorts.

Tu Duc Royal Tomb

The central pond. The manpower required to build the tomb was so excessive a brief rebellion rose up during construction.

Beer Cyclo

Emergency beer supplies are delivered by cyclo. In fact, cyclos are used to transport the bulk of goods locally, including refrigerators and beds!

Finer Points

Sinh lectures on the life and times of Tuc Duc. Fact: the emperor had over a hundred wives but could not father a child. Woe to the court physician.

Monk Shoes

At the most tranquil Thien Mu Pagoda overlooking the Perfume River, Raphiel told me I should really take a photo of these shoes. I still haven't figured out why, but here they are.

All photographs by VeloAsia

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