Michael Buckley

dventurer, prolific writer, and accomplished photographer, Michael Buckley has seen and documented a lot of out of the way places -- often on two wheels or less.

Cycling to Xian is a humorous account of one of his many off the beaten path trips: a rough cycling trip through China. Typical of his writings, Buckley reveals the underlying irony in the most trying circumstances such as when, due to lack of edible food, he and his companion stock up and eat canned lychee nuts for a long period of their cycling trip.

The stories included here are drawn from his Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Handbook published by Moon Guides - highly recommended if you are planning travel to these places.

Photos & Stories


The Splendors of Angkor Thom

There's more to Angkor than Angkor Wat. Read here Buckley's impressions of magnificent Angkor Thom.

Sumatra Bike Tour

In 1995, Michael Buckley joined VeloAsia for an intrepid journey through the heart of Sumatra.

Good Morning, Apocalypse: Wartime Souvenirs in Vietnam

A strange twist on souvenir shopping in Vietnam.

Bicycling the High Roads in Asia

An account of Buckley's two-wheeled journey to Kathmandu.

Churning the Ocean of Milk

The Hindu creation myth Churning the Sea of Milk is carved elaborately into the walls of Angkor's galleries.

(excerpted from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Handbook)

The Alluring Ao Dai

The story of the unique, flowering dress of Vietnamese women.

Photo by Jeroen Neele

(excerpted from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Handbook)

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