Kayaking Packing List

For your trip, VeloAsia provides professional gear made in the US and Canada, including Coast Guard approved life vests. Below is the short packing list. It may get very warm in the day, but we may also have a cool misty fog and it cools off on the water in evenings, so your clothing you bring should cover these variations.

hats: wool cap (for evening), one for sun shade)
long pants-for evening & sun protection
shoes: camp,hiking boots, river sandals or tennis
socks: hiking, wool or synthetic to wear with water shoes
shorts-synthetic fabric (nylon) dries fast
shirts: long sleeves, tee or collared shirt
sweater (wool) or warm sweatshirt

waterproof bags
camera & film (waterproof model best)
insect repellent
paddling gloves if kayaking (optional)
sunglasses with retainer leach
sunscreen-SPF 15+ and waterproof like Bullfrog

Personal Items
hand lotion/moisturizer
medicines or prescriptions
shampoo (biodegradable)
towel (small)
lip balm
personal hygiene kit
soap (biodegradable)

Suggested Optional Items
small binoculars
day pack or belt pack (for side hikes)
journal notebook


Can we provide you with more information? Send email to VeloAsia, or call our office in San Francisco at (415) 680-3788 .

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